The Need

The Need – Addressing the Faith and Work Disconnect

Almost 70 percent of the non-sleeping time of a person who works is spent in the workplace. Yet most Christian training does not focus enough on how to integrate or practice faith at work. The workplace is where the majority of the people spend the majority of the time with the majority of people who don’t know Christ. Christians are not being adequately equipped to effectively integrate their faith in their workplace.

Additionally, the need for Christ-centered leadership in the workplace has never been greater. There are not enough Christians who fully understand what it means to take God’s presence into their workplaces. To help Christians integrate their faith and their work, FWL is committed to helping people connect their faith life and their work life. We accomplish this goal through events, lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops, products, and curriculum. FWL helps believers better understand their calling from God to make a difference in their workplaces and lead a fully integrated life.

Many Christians have not thought deeply about how to work “as unto the Lord”, (Colossians 3:23) putting beliefs into action in the workplace. Because so many don’t know how to integrate faith and work, they have compartmentalized their lives into the sacred, their life at church, versus the secular, and their life at work. This faith and work disconnect is a problem because God does not want Christians to compartmentalize their faith and their work. Therefore, a rethinking of work life is necessary to help believers fully understand work from God’s perspective and more effectively integrate their faith life and their work life. God desires Christians to serve Him wherever they work, integrating faith into all three areas of life: church life, family life, and work life.

God wants Christians to live a life (including our work-life) that puts Him at the center, that subordinates our will to His and that makes spiritual growth a priority. God did not create us to live a dualistic life, one that relegates our spiritual life to the church on Sunday while living independent of Him the other six days of the week. Rather, God wants our faith and our life to be seamless.