We joyously serve churches by providing speakers (click here for topics), for events, conferences, seminars, and books and curriculum for individual study, small groups, church adult bible study classes and workplace fellowship groups.  Programs ask Christians to re-think their work life from God’s perspective and equips believers to work “as to the Lord” (Colossians 3:23), so that participants experience more joy at work, God is glorified and His kingdom expanded.  Our three-step process: ReThink  →  Equip → Transform.  
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Serving Churches – Congregational Equipping

Faith and Work Life is pleased to offer speakers for your church as well as workshops and seminars. This discipleship and spiritual growth experience will help equip your congregation to think through God’s Word as it relates to work and the workplace mission field.  Our programs are flexible, relevant, biblical, and practical.

Because no two churches are exactly alike, we customize the teaching seminars and sessions to best meet the needs and areas of your choosing.  Ranging from excellence in the workplace, to starting or leading a company, to gaining a fresh perspective on what God says about work, there is much for your to choose from to ensure a challenging, encouraging experience for your congregation as each member considers his/her faith at work!  We will work with you on a schedule that fits your schedule, conference, retreat, or church campus setting.

Click here to download our brochure that outlines the speaking topics and to get a brief introduction of this opportunity.  Below, you can view a sample menu of speaking topics and seminars available to your church.  Do something fresh and new for your church.  Help your members be equipped to transform their workplace for the glory of God!


I. Speaking Topics (20 to 45 minutes each)

1.    Minefields In The Workplace:  6 Ethical Issues Christians Face in the World of Work

2.    A Man’s Guide to Work: 12 Ways to Honor God on the Job (easily adjusted for women)

3.    Designed for  Success, The 10 Commandments For Women In The Workplace

4.    Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship

5.    How To Prosper at Work…Without Sacrificing Integrity: A Biblical Approach to Work

6.    Taking Jesus to Work

7.    Vocation and Calling

8.    The Theology and Work and the Doctrine of Vocation

9.    Becoming a Colossians 3:23 Worker

10.    Your Work Matters To God

11.    How To Start A Christian Fellowship Group at Your Workplace

12.    The Ultimate MBA—Meaningful Biblical Analogies for Business

13.    Biblical Principles of Entrepreneurship-How to Start, Operate or Grow Your Business – God’s Way

14.    Sharing Your Faith at Work (Without Getting Fired)

15.    About Your Fathers Business, Serving the Workplace Mission Field

II. Seminars, workshops and multi-week curriculum: In-depth Discipleship Training and Study Programs

1.     Faith & Work, Christianity Today

2.     Satisfying Work, Christian Living in the Workplace

3.     “In God We Trust,” Ten Biblical Principles for Business

4.     Business by the Book, Achieving True Success in the Marketplace

5.     Biblical Entrepreneurship – Launching, Growing or Re-Inventing Your Business – God’s Way

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