Press Release Olive Branch Seminar March 21, 2009

News Release – March 4, 2009
For Immediate Release

March 21 Breakfast Seminar, “How To Integrate Your Faith and Work”

What: Breakfast Seminar, “How To Integrate Your Faith and Work”
When: Saturday, March 21, 2009, 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
Where: Olive Branch Community Church, 7702 El Cerrito Road, Corona, 92881
Presented: Faith and Work Life, and Olive Branch Church
Speaker: Mr. Stephen Christensen, (Corona resident) Founder and President, Faith and Work Life (Newport Beach), discussing biblical principles for success at work.

Cost: Free, open to the public

Background: Work—Achieving Success God’s Way

How can Christians be successful at work and not compromise their faith, values and beliefs, especially in secular workplaces that are often hostile toward believers? How can they honor God and apply biblical principles to their work? All work, from the home-maker, day laborer, service provider, executive, to the company owner, has been ordained by God and can be used to bring Him glory. Attend the breakfast and hear how Christians are used by God in their workplaces and achieve success His way. Participants will learn how to “work” out their faith in practical ways on the job.

Seminar presented by Faith and Work Life (FWL)
FWL, a California not-for-profit organization, is committed to helping men and women connect their faith life and their work life. Through events, lectures, seminars, the Faith Works Leadership Conference, workshops, products and curriculum, FWL helps Christians better understand their calling to make a difference in their workplaces and lead a fully integrated life. FWL is partnered with local Christian universities, workplace ministries, and churches to offer these programs.

FWL is committed to researching, writing and disseminating information about “best practices” of churches that are addressing the issue of faith and work integration. FWL collaborates with others who are also addressing this topic and is a resource to companies, churches, pastors and lay leaders.

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Contact: Stephen Christensen, Founder/President, Faith and Work Life
Phone: 714-272-7865
Address: 250 Newport Center Drive, M101, Newport Beach, CA 92660
Website: Faith and Work Life
Olive Branch Community Church,
Pastor Greg Harris, 951-279-4477,