Worklife Ministry Programs

Faith and Work Life (FWL) is committed to researching, writing and disseminating information about “best practices” of churches that are addressing the issue of faith and work integration. Information will be available here about effective church-based “work life” ministry programs. FWL also collaborates with others who are also addressing this topic. We desire to be a resource to churches, pastors and lay leaders.

FWL also provides speakers for various church activities which address the integration of faith and work. Speakers are individuals who are actively engaged with this subject matter, and are gifted teachers who desire to share their practical experiences at integrating their faith and their work. They discuss the application of biblical principles to workplace issues and how to apply scriptures to ones work life. Speakers are available for men’s or women’s ministry meetings or retreats, guest speakers at church functions, adult bible study classes, college groups, small groups or to present a special “Faith and Work” seminar or workshop at your church.  Request a speaker from the Speaker’s Bureau after you fill the form save a copy on your computer and email it as an attachment to Stephen Christensen,

What is a Work Life Ministry?

A Work Life Ministry is an intentional focus at a church on helping men and women in all spheres of work to understand and experience their work life as a holy calling from God.

It is a discipleship and spiritual growth ministry that equips people to know and experience their work from God’s perspective. The goal is to prepare Christians in the workplace to become intentional and deliberate about integrating their faith and their work, about bringing the love of Christ into work lives. This ministry provides biblical insights to work-related situations, topics and issues. It desires to foster a biblical worldview in the workplace. It prepares church members to experience the presence of the living God while they work, to work as God’s ambassador with excellence (Colossians 3:23) and to be a “salt” and “light” in the workplace. The bottom line is to work in such a way that God is glorified and His kingdom can be expanded. As Christians work differently, evangelism opportunities will develop. Associates at work become a primary source of building meaningful relationships that can lead to salvation. The ministry focuses on equipping every believer to be a minister where they work.

Becoming a Workplace Friendly Church

Launching a Work Life Ministry in your Church